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08.01.2016 How to build a better PhD
There are too many PhD students for too few academic jobs — but with imagination, the problem could be solved.
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16.12.2015 Starting from scratch: How do you build a world-class research lab?
Starting with nothing and aiming for Bell Labs.
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22.12.2015 Breakthrough for video-pill cancer imaging
Researchers from the University of Glasgow have found a way to make swallowable cameras more effective at detecting cancers of the throat and gut.
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08.06.2015 Textbook "Emergency War Surgery"
American-Ukrainian Medical Foundation translated textbook of Borden Institute "Emergency War Surgery" into Ukrainian and makes it possible for every Ukrainian surgeons to have excess to all modern procedures to treat war related wounds and save lives...
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Hot Topics

22.12.2015 SpaceX Lands Orbital Rocket Successfully in Historic First
The third attempt at a historic reusable-rocket milestone was the charm for SpaceX.
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04.03.2014 Statement by Polish scholars
I kindly ask the entire Polish academia for a supportive manifestation of strong objection to the intervention of Russian Federation in the internal affairs of Ukraine.
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Science Policy

11.09.2014 Put focus back on basic research, say science unions

Survey of 12 countries shows discontent with governments that prioritize short-term rewards
Author:  Barbara Casassus
Shows: 2596

21.07.2014 The 1% of scientific publishing

Only a handful of researchers manage to publish one or more papers per year
Author:  Erik Stokstad
Shows: 1899


14.10.2014 Open letter to EU Ministers for Education

Dear Ministers, as stewards of Europe’s future generations, you will be all too aware that as early as the age of 7, children reach a critical juncture, when they are learning the core life skills of reading, writing and basic maths. However, to flourish in tomorrow’s digital economy and society, they should also be learning to code. And many, sadly, are not

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31.03.2013 Online learning: Campus 2.0

Massive open online courses are transforming higher education — and providing fodder for scientific research.
Author:  M. Mitchell Waldrop
Shows: 3653

International Collaboration

27.05.2014 USA Government creates the site to promote the Ukrainian IT-industry
The government of USA together with Embassy of Ukraine in USA launched the site SupportUkraine.us to promote the Ukrainian It-industry

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Latest arcticles and interviews of USC members

01.04.2014 Ukraine’s science in turmoil
Crimean institutions put their future in Russia’s hands as Ukraine attempts research reforms.

Author:  Alison Abbott
Shows: 2988

14.03.2014 Ukraine's Science Reformers Seize the Moment

Their aim: reinvigorate a scientific community that has been adrift since Soviet times.
Author:  Richard Stone
Shows: 3212

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