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A meeting of private educational institution representatives has been held for the first time in Ukraine

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03.06.2010 A meeting of private educational institution representatives has been held for the first time in Ukraine

On May 28th, 2010 representatives of privately owned Ukrainian educational institutions met with the Education and Science Minister Dmitry Tabachnik.

This meeting was also attended by: Yuri Miroshnichenko – Deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of the Confederation of Private Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine; Ivan Timoshenko - Head of the Association of Private Educational Institutions of Ukraine, Rector of the European University in Kyiv; members of the Ministry of Education and Science; representatives of private higher educational institutions of accreditation levels I-IV; directors of private schools from all regions of Ukraine; and experts from the Ministry of Education and Science (total of 300 participants).

Opening the meeting, Dmitry Tabachnik noted that hardly anyone would refute the claim that private educational institutions have become a prominent component of the educational environment in Ukraine, have found their place in it and are making an important contribution, providing educational services and improving the educational level of Ukrainian citizens.

"This academic year 187 licensed private higher education institutions operate in Ukraine (in 1995 there were 123), 43 of them – universities, 9 – academies, 71 – institutes, 64 – colleges and technical schools, with a total of nearly 356,000 students (in 1995 there were 84 thousand students), " said D. Tabachnik.

The Minister presented statistics that prove the viability of private education: "Every year privately owned educational institutions produce more than 100 thousand graduates. Almost 20,000 teachers are employed by privately owned higher education institutions, of them over 1,300 are Ph.D.s, professors and over 12,000 Ph.D. candidates and associate professors.

"However, not all private institutions have been able to properly establish themselves in the educational environment and not all have the right to continue their existence. But, most of them, during the nearly two decades of the existence of privately owned educational institutions in Ukraine have proven their ability to reach important educational objectives," - said Dmitry Tabachnik.

At the end of the introductory speech, the Minister of Education and Science said that there are many problems in the private education sector, whose solutions require joint action from the ministry and the heads of private educational institutions and invited all meeting participants to join in a constructive discussion.

In his speech later on, the head of the Association of Private Educational Institutions of Ukraine, Ivan Tymoshenko emphasized the fact that this is the first time in all the years of the existence of educational institutions of private ownership that such a meeting is being held by the Ministry of Education, the Association of Private Educational Institutions of Ukraine and the Confederation of Private Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine.

In turn, people’s deputy of Ukraine Yuri Miroshnichenko said: “Finally, a dialogue between the Ministry of Education and an important part of the Ukrainian educational system, which consists of private institutions has been established, as evidenced by today's meeting.” He expressed hope that urgent problems of private higher educational institutions, including the improvement of legal regulation of Ukrainian higher education, the establishment of a political and legal status for private universities, the development of training standards and the negotiation of working conditions, will be solved as a result of drawing on international experience.

Speaking from the rostrum, representatives of private schools also raised the issues of state support for regional universities and secondary schools, innovative components of professional education, prospects of collaboration between regional universities, organizational and financial arrangements, and others.

At the end of the meeting Dmitry Tabachnik answered numerous questions from the audience. This more than two-hour-long meeting was held in a constructive and interesting format.

Link:  http://www.mon.gov.ua/main.php?query=newstmp/2010/28_05/6
Source:  Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science
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